Wednesday, December 21, 2005


"Just trust me..."

says the President.

Isn't the real issue here trust? It's not about whether or not
President Bush was breaking the law to protect national security,
we only have his word that he wasn't evesdropping on your personal
communication. There is no judicial check. None.

After all that's happened, do you really want to trust president bush (or anyone) with your privacy?

For all of you "if you have nothing to hide..." people: if you send all your mail on post cards, for all the world to see, at least you're intellectually consistent. If you're going to try to make this arguement and still send mail in letters, encypted email, or anything that attempts to preserve privacy, try practicing what you preach first before arguing that the government has an inherent, extra-legal right to dig into all aspects of your life. The "they only target bad people" arguement only goes as far as those who define "bad."

As much as policy wonks like myself may get into the constitutional
law arguement, I doubt it will resonate with those who have only a passing attachemnent to the news. The apporach above also has the advantage of going squarely at the heart of Bush's remaing area of strength. I'd love to see the DNC nationalize this issue and simply burry him. Wouldn't it be great to impeach the whole lot of them?

such a wonderful dream...

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Call me General, not Former Secretary...

General Powell (as he likes to be called) is speaking with BBC News.
In it, he makes a point of saying that he prefers to be called
General rather than Former Secretary. He makes a point of saying
that by protocol, he should be Former Secretary, but he prefers General.

Maybe I just want to see it, but I like to believe that he wants to
separate himself as much as possible for the shameful, illegal
actions of president bush. Too bad he hasn't been willing to make a
more forceful statement.

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