Thursday, August 31, 2006


Everyone needs to see this

Last night, Keith Obermann spoke on the GOP's newest talking point: fascism. In particular, he took issue with Sec. Rumsfeld's characterization of the majority of Americans (who oppose the Iraq war) as those who want to appease Hitler.

It's worth watching. The people who lead us right now are criminals. They are traitors and they must be opposed. They are attacking the very foundations of this country, and are mortgaging our future for their own, selfish short-term gain.

It's telling that the President is attempting to reverse his slide in popularity by "launching a PR" offensive. They want to advertise their way out of the fact that Iraq is a disaster of global proportions.

While they may wrap themselves in the flag, and pound the bible at every opportunity, these symbols are mere props in their show. They are the antithesis of both Christianity and American ideals. Their actions have been ruled unconstitutional, they have countenanced torture, they demand the obedience to law for others, but ignore it when it suits their purposes.

We have a great cancer in this nation, and it's name is the GOP. November 2006 can't come soon enough. January 2009 can't come soon enough. All we can hope for is that it's not too late.

PS: Here's another speech that should be watched by everyone

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