Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Ashcroft plays more classification games

The above is a Real audio clip (get the player). Two years ago, a FBI translator reported suspicious activity between two FBI translators and a Turkish man who was the target of an active FBI investigation. She was offered a deal: She could go quietly and recieve a fulltime job at the FBI, or she would be fired (informing superiors would "open a can of worms," she was told).

She did her patriotic duty and reported the problem. She was fired. Later, she spoke in an open hearing to Senators Lehey (D-Vt.) and Glasser (R-Iowa). This was reported in the news media, and is available on many web sites.

Last week, Mr. Ashcroft retroactively classified these documents in an effort to stifle the investigation of the Justice Department. The Senate Judicary committee (Congress' oversight body of the FBI, the Justice Department, etc.) has yet again failed to block this activity along party lines (not unlike their vote along party lines to not subpoena the Torture Memos below

Now, the Project on Government Oversight has sued the Justice Department over the retro-classification. At least NGOs are still acting to defend the public's interests:
Press releases from The Memory Hole
Press release on retro classification
Project on Government Oversight Press Release

The war on terrorism deserves people that are competent. Ashcroft isn't. It's time for he and his crew to go.

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