Sunday, June 20, 2004


Numbers, numbers and more numbers

I'm watching NOW with Bill Moyers again. I really wish it was more widely distributed. Here's the current tally of combat injuries as of Friday, June 18th, 2004:

922 Killed in action
5,457 Wounded in action

But what about the overall number of soldiers injured? Mark Benjamin of UPI (United Press International) contends that the Pentagon is deliberately hiding the non-combat related injuries. They do this by refusing to aggregate the numbers of injured across the services. Instead, they've told the media to contact the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy independently.

The total number of non-combat related injuries / deaths: 11,170

If this number is accurate, the total number of dead and wounded for the war to date is 17,549.

No wonder the administration won't allow the public release of images of the bodies returning to Dover AFB.

Watch NOW for yourselves - look at the numbers for yourselves. Draw your own conlcusions. Wasn't this President supposed to 'restore honor to the White House?'

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