Monday, June 28, 2004


This is offensive beyond belief

Hitler Reappears in '04 Campaign, This Time in Bush Ad

Published: June 26, 2004

WASHINGTON, June 25 - Suddenly, Adolf Hitler has become a bit player in the 2004 presidential campaign.

President Bush's campaign Web site is featuring an advertisement casting Senator John Kerry and his allies as a "coalition of the wild-eyed," blending clips of former Vice President Al Gore, former Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont and the filmmaker Michael Moore shouting about Mr. Bush. Interspersed twice are images of a shouting Hitler, drawn from a Web spot that, the Internet advocacy group that runs anti-Bush advertisements, briefly posted months ago in a contest for advertisements about the president. quickly removed the advertisement from its site. But it resurfaces in the Bush-Cheney campaign's compendium of clips, and the result appears to liken Mr. Gore's and Mr. Dean's shouting to Hitler's.

And who started a war of aggression through taking advantage of the fear, sorrow and rage of our country after September 11th? I cannot think of words that are of great enough contempt for the current administration. To compare Kerry or the Democratic party to that of Hitler is just plain disgusting.

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