Sunday, June 20, 2004


What ever happened to noblesse oblige?

I was watching Lewis Black's Black on Broadway last night on HBO - it's very funny (except for the fact that what he's screaming about is true). Among other things, he talked about the various corporate scandals over the last several years - Enron, Adelphia Cable, Tyco, etc. So here's my question: When we're talking about the extreme wealth (gotten through either legitimate or illegitimate means), what ever happened to the idea that those who are blessed have an obligation to give back to their communities?

ie-- Greed is an optional answer to your question. Those who live in the realms of "too much" do not realy have great lives, according to Buddhist thought.

One of the three higher realms above the hell realms is called the jealous god realm. This pattern of existence is characterised by acute paranoia. Those in the god realm are always concerned with "making it". Everything is seen from a competitive point of view. They are always trying to score points, and trying to prevent others from scoring on them. If someone achieves something special they become determined to out do them. They never trust anyone; they "know" they're trying to slip one past. If someone tries to help them, they try to figure out their angle. If someone doesn't try to help them, they are being uncooperative, and they make a note that those opposing-- will get theirs by getting even later. "Don't get mad, get even," that's the motto. It is a sad exsistence. Often those in the god realms manufactor "good feelings" about themselves but generally that is filled with self doubt and acts of Enron that cast the gods back into hell!

So, dear Militant--it isn't always as it seems--and our, or at least my place is right here being human letting the gods destroy eachother and pay the price..In the human realms we suffer enough doubt and inquisitiveness and the longing for something better. We may not be as absorbed by the all consuming preoccupations of the other states of being. We wonder whether it is possible to relate to the world as simple, dignified human beings. We've got plenty to do!!!
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