Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Elected Dictatorships -or- We now know where the Iraqi governement got its idea for its emergency measures bill

Ok, so the title is a little tounge and cheek - there's something that's really repugnant about the idea of delaying the election

Homeland Security Confirms Election Delay Talks
VOA News
12 Jul 2004, 18:24 UTC

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that the Bush administration has discussed possibly delaying the November presidential election if there is a new terrorist attack.The report, in Newsweek magazine and confirmed Monday, says the discussions were spurred by a letter from U.S. Election Assistance Commission chairman DeForest Soirees.

Newsweek says Mr. Soaries wrote Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge to suggest asking Congress for emergency legislation to allow postponing the election after any attack.

California Congresswoman Jane Harman, the Senior Democrat on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, called the plan excessive.

But the Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, California's Christopher Cox, told CNN Sunday the request was a prudent effort to plan for what he called "doomsday scenarios."

Does anyone else trust the administration after the last set of election antics?

Lest we forget, we had an election in 1864. For those of you that are history challenged, that was the 4th year of the civil war. It's disgusting to think that the current administration trusts "we the people" so little...

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