Wednesday, August 25, 2004


What the new Kerry ad should be

This is the new Kerry ad:

I've ben watching the never ending debate over the swift boat ads. It's really disgusting. While watching the newshour tonight, they showed one of the Kerry new ads. I think it's a start, but I don't think it's aggressive enough. For the last year, during the primaries, and through MoveOn, the number one phrase about the president was that he misled about the war at best, and lied at worst.

The Kerry ad should be something like this:
President Bush misled us about why we were going into Iraq (No WMD, Flawed intelligence, NO 9/11 connection with Iraq, Poland Prime Minister saying he was misled), now he's trying to mislead about John Kerry's heroic service in Viet Nam. Why does the president have trouble with the truth? (Texas / Alabama air national guard service, John McCain flash) John Kerry has real answers to real problems (Healthcare for 95%, cleaner environment, etc flash on screen with Kerry / Edwards). America can do better.

It's that simple - paint the entire episode in terms of the President's inability to keep his word. Tie his policies to his character - his credibility. This can also be the vehicle to discuss his entire domestic police (Clean Skies Initiative, for example, No Child Left Behind for another, the Energy Bill for a third). It allows you to turn the flip-flopper issue on him as well (though not with all of those examples - say one thing, do another).

The Democrats need to go after his trustworthiness more - it's his number one strength with his supporters and it's probably his number one weakness among the informed.

We've got to get Bush out of office.

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