Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Why is it?

So, since I've been working in the tech field for arguably the last 6 years (I was doing similary things at a brand agency prior to that), I've come to accept that there are relatively few woman in the field. One of the things I liked about Scient was that it had a fair number of women, particularly in a management position (the number 1 and 2 in my department, the Customer Experience Innovation Center, were women).

Earlier today, I decided that I would fill out my profile more completely. All of a sudden, I begin to understand how the community gets built, though it would be nice if Google ("We'll IPO *REAL SOON NOW*) applied its talents to showing the user related blogs in line. It's also cool to see that there are at least some other Deleuze & Guattari readers out there.

Anyway, to the point, I'm amazed that when I clicked on a random element of my own profile, of the 31 matches that came up, only 1 was a woman. Granted, there were several unspecified, but it's stunning to me that at least according to this random sampling was SO lopsided.

Sigh. Outside of a Washington capitol hill intern, are all the bloggers men?!

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