Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Why is President Bush playing politics with the CIA?

President Bush nominated Porter Gross (R-FL) to head the CIA, citing his experience both as an officer in the Clandestine Services, and his leadership of the House Oversight Committee on the CIA.

This is what I want to know: We've had two bi-partisan reports that have just come out (9/11 and Iraq Intelligence) that have faulted, among other things, the politicization of the intelligence community.

Can someone explain to me why nominating a partisan Republican Congressman is somehow helping the situation?

President Bush is trying to put the Democrats in a loose-loose situation: If the democrats oppose Gross, they're trying to undermine public safety by paralyzing the CIA. If they confirm Gross, they've allowed a partisan to come to power.

Let's dig into the Gross nomination a little more: Gross became the chairman of the House oversight committee in 1997. That means that he is directly responsible for the failure of oversight of the CIA (also cited as a key problem in both reports). He has done nothing to spearhead reform - he has done nothing to challenge the CIA's work, or lack there of over the last 7 years. This alone should disqualify him from the post.

I really want the Democrats to stand up and point out the bullshit that this is: It is the Bush administration that is playing partisan games with America's safety. Why? To ensure that they remain in power. It's a zero-sum game for these people - no cost is too high for the current administration to remain in power.

Stand up and say the truth: This is nothing more than a partisan game to keep the current incompetent administration in power.

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