Monday, October 25, 2004


Emperor? Emperor?!

I'm playing a video game right now called Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. It's a really fun real time strategy game. When playing the side of the space marines, your guys say things like "for the emperor" or "my faith is my shield" or "praise the immortal emperor." Now you the readers (oh wait, I really don't have any), anyway, you the readers may be wondering why I mention this in a blog that's mostly about politics in general, and the jackass-in-chief, president bush in specific.

J.F.K. had to fight the anti-papist expectation that his Oval Office would take orders from heaven. For W., it's a selling point. Some right-wing Catholics want John Kerry excommunicated, while evangelicals call the president a messenger of God. "God's blessing is on him," the TV evangelist Pat Robertson says, adding, "It's the blessing of heaven on the emperor."

I play video games for a little escape from reality - not because they fortell reality. Good lord, what the hell is happening in this country?

As if the policies of the president aren't enough to vote against him, how about the people who support him? Do we really want a theocracy?

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