Thursday, November 04, 2004


For those bush supporters out there

Well, I'm looking for a job in another country now. Not
only is the President an idiot, he seems to think that religious freedom
means "as long as it's evangelical christian."

When he talks about environmental policy under the bush
administration, it means redefining that mercury isn't toxic. It
means saying that farm rasied salmon are the same as wild salmon (they
are genetically different species).

When he talks about helping the poor, that must mean cutting section 8
housing vouchers.

When he talks about sex education, that must mean "just say no" and
the "condoms don't work"

When he talks about liberating Iraq, he must mean the 100,000 civilian
casulties that have resulted from our invasion (that's 1:250 people in

When he talks about homeland security, that must mean being the butt
boy of the chemial and nuclear industry, in not forcing them to secure
their facilities.

When he talks about winning the war on terror, that must mean allowing
Osama open his own fucking video duplication service, or maybe he just
means enraging 1.3 billion muslims worldwide.

So when you say you support bush, that must mean you haven't been
paying attention for the last four years.

Wow! You are a breath of fresh air from all these foul windbag conservative bloggers!
I have been most delighted visiting.
thank you!

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