Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Historical Irony turns bitter

In 1945, we, the United States of America were on a tear. We won
WWII, we founded the UN in the San Francisco treaty to replace the
disbanded and discredited League of Nations, we also set up the basic
parameters of international law - the Nurenburg Trials. In this, we
refused to allow the Nazi leadership to hid behind the lie of "I was
only following orders." We have used this as recently as our
invasion of Iraq, when President Bush warned the Iraqi Military that
"following orders is no excuse." Give this, the line of defense
given by the administration is particularly disgusting. From today's
Whitehouse Briefing at the Washington Post:

R. Jeffrey Smith writes in The Washington Post:
"The dispute over the Bush administration's treatment of military
detainees is playing out in a North Carolina courtroom, where a CIA
contractor has asserted that his rough interrogation in 2003 of an
Afghan who subsequently died was indirectly authorized by
deliberations in Washington at the highest ranks of the Bush

The contractor's lawyer wants to call Vice President Cheney's legal
counsel as a witness, and "cited an August 2002 Justice Department
memo that concluded 'a defendant who had acted pursuant to an
exercise of the President's constitutional powers' in conducting an
interrogation could not be criminally prosecuted."

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