Saturday, April 02, 2005


Securing Democracy!

Reinstate the fairness doctrine. This means that our media
outlets must present in equal time opposing points of view. This
means that equal time is provided to candidates in elections. This
means not allowing corporations to use their news organizations as
marketing tools for political positions, products, or partisan views.

Why should we do this? A functioning democracy requires a vigilant
media for voters to make informed decisions. We cannot live free if
we do not know what our votes stand for or what our leaders actions
result in.

Part of this means that the ownership rules need to be re-instated
and tightened. These rules were put in place, among other reasons,
to prevent another William Randolph Hearst type media empire. This is
done to prevent a single individual or corporation from exerting
undue influence on the overall national conversation. We see this
already in Rupert Murdock's ironically named News Corporation.

Why this is a fight we can win:
Who can argue against the message that media / news should be fair?
Those who may object need only be reminded that if they are truly
"fair and balanced" then they have nothing to fear from government
intervention or restrictions.

Why this is good for liberals:
When presented with accurate, unbiased information about reality, I
believe that a progressive / liberal viewpoint will win. Failure to
understand the connectivity of different issues - the impact of one
action on the overall society.

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